General Order Questions

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Shop with confidence and checkout securely via Paypal or Shopify payments, accepting all major credit cards as well as Google pay and Apple Pay!

What does 'Carbon Neutral Shipping' really mean?

Our Carbon Neutral shipping is a complimentary, automated service we provide to make every single order at our store an environmentally friendly one. Through our partnership with the Planet app, we cover the costs to ensure that every order you place with us has a net-zero carbon footprint. This initiative supports innovative carbon removal projects, directly contributing to reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Here is an overview of the initiatives we support on your behalf:

  • Running Tide: Pioneering ocean-based solutions to utilize the world's largest carbon sink, Running Tide combines technology with natural processes to enhance carbon absorption in the oceans.
  • Remora: Revolutionizing carbon capture, Remora's technology intercepts up to 80% of carbon emissions from semi-truck tailpipes, offering a mobile solution that contributes to long-term carbon storage.
  • Grassroots Carbon: Bridging the gap between companies seeking carbon offsets and landowners capable of natural soil carbon storage, Grassroots Carbon leverages certified practices for nature-based carbon sequestration.
  • Heirloom: Leveraging direct air capture technology, Heirloom accelerates the carbon mineralization process using natural minerals to rapidly absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, significantly cutting down the time it takes to remove carbon.
  • Planetary: Enhancing natural carbon removal, Planetary's innovative approach uses "antacids" to accelerate oceanic carbon absorption, while also producing green hydrogen and battery metals from mine waste.
  • Charm: Focused on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), Charm transforms biomass into a carbon-rich liquid that is securely stored underground, offering a permanent solution to atmospheric CO2 removal.

By choosing us, you're not only receiving your orders through an eco-conscious delivery process, but you're also joining us in our commitment to a sustainable future. This service underscores our dedication to minimizing environmental impact without any additional cost or effort on your part.

What is your Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy?

Due to the custom-printed nature of our garments,we do not accept Returns or Exchanges.

Each garment is created just for you, to your color selection and sizing specifications. We strongly advise you to consult the sizing chart to ensure your garment arrives exactly as intended!

We do not accept returns on any other merchandise, including pins/stickers/and membership packs.

Can I cancel my order once it's placed?

Unfortunately, we're unable to accept cancellations as orders are instantly processed and garments are custom printed just for you. Kindly double-check your sizing and address details before completing your purchase to ensure everything is perfect.

Can I change my size/mailing address after an order has been made?

We are unable guarantee order cancellations or changes after an order has been made, as orders are processed 7 days a week. Please verify all details in your order are correct and complete prior to checking out.

If you have *just* placed an order and need to update sizing/delivery information, we may be able to help, though we can't offer any guarantees. Message us via the Contact Us page or our Chat with your Order # ASAP.

If packages are returned to us due to incorrect address, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs incurred to re-send the package, or will be refunded the order total less the original shipping expense.

It is the customer's responsibility to track down parcels delivered with an incorrect address.

What if my order arrives Damaged or Defective?

Oh no! In the event you receive an item that is Damaged or Defective, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your goods and we will provide a swift replacement. Please save the packaging and provide photos of the items in their received state.

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Product Questions

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